An updated version of the game!

10 May

Good news everyone! I’ve decided to create an improved and streamlined version of How!

Basically I’ve just removed a couple of bugs (guess what, now you can actually beat the final boss!) and I’ve added a few things here and there (new level too!).

So go ahead and download the latest version from the website!

No need to thank me.

M. Jensen


The first complaints arrive! Deal with it

2 May

Just as I expected people are already complaining about how the game resets all progress if you die.

I say stop whining!

You see, there’s a reason I let you choose which level you want to do next. Having trouble beating one level and tired of having to restart the entire game because you died there? Well, beat that level first so you don’t have to deal with it later when you’re further towards completing every level!

Otherwise I like what I’ve been hearing in the Youtube videos. Sure, some people hate it, but I’ve also seen comments on how it’s challenging but fun. That proves my theory.

M. Jensen

HOW is now available!

29 Apr

HOW is finally OUT! I know from your emails that some have been looking forward to prove me wrong. Now I’ll be the one laughing last! I made the game that will make you give up on it. Not because the game is impossible (I have beaten it several times without using the cheats I hid in it – try to find them, HA!) but because you are all so bad at it!

You’ve been spoiled by incredibly easy games and now you’re gonna pay the consequences!

To all of you, I give you HOW!

HOW is one insanely hard, go-cry-to-your-mummy difficult 2D platformer. But hey, it’s also gonna look good while it makes you feel the pain 😉 The characters and environments are deceptively cute, but don’t let that fool you. HOW is HARD!

But with enough training you can all learn to do it without dying even once. I DARE YOU TRY THAT!

Go get the game for free now on the Game page!

M. Jensen

Water is BAD!

9 Feb

Just a small update since I haven’t had the chance to do so lately, but the game is coming along nicely.

Now there’s water! And of course water is bad. You don’t touch the water. What, you think it’s easy? You’ll see, you’ll see…

Oh, and what’s that Menu.mp3 thingy floating over there?

M. Jensen

The colorful world of HOW

15 Jan

Do you remember the first prototype I posted a picture of back in November? Told you it wouldn’t look all grey and dull! Be amazed at the wonderful artwork of HOW!

Ok… maybe it’s not the fanciest graphics in the world, but don’t forget I’m doing all of this on my own.

Besides, the big focus of this game is still it’s difficulty. I definitely did NOT forget that.

M. Jensen

Prototypes, prototypes, prototypes

29 Nov

Every game has a beginning. A beginning without fancy-panty graphics and only boxes to test how hard I can make the levels.

Unluckily for HOW, it is hard, if not impossible, to show the difficulty without trying it out.

See this screenshot for example:

The green box is the player (don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave it looking like some cheap Flash game from Newgrounds) and the yellow box is the goal for this level.

Seems easy? Not really! Normally in all those easy games you can jump…. and then move mid-air.

In HOW? You can’t. Unless you are jumping forward, your jumps will have no horizontal momentum. Yup, get stuck in one of those holes and… good luck trying to get out!

You think you can skip those very easily? We’ll see about that…

Stay tuned,

M. Jensen

Me and a small update

27 Nov

So, some friends have asked me to introduce myself a little bit better.

Not much to say though. I’m Michael Jensen, from the beautiful country of Denmark. I’ve been doing some mods for UT3 in the past couple of years and I thought it was time to move to something more serious that I could call my own.

On other news here’s a small update on my little real difficulty game.

I’ve managed to get a couple of things running, a level select menu and some basic physics for the main character (who is so far a grey block).

Expect to see an early screenshot soon.

M. Jensen