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Prototypes, prototypes, prototypes

29 Nov

Every game has a beginning. A beginning without fancy-panty graphics and only boxes to test how hard I can make the levels.

Unluckily for HOW, it is hard, if not impossible, to show the difficulty without trying it out.

See this screenshot for example:

The green box is the player (don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave it looking like some cheap Flash game from Newgrounds) and the yellow box is the goal for this level.

Seems easy? Not really! Normally in all those easy games you can jump…. and then move mid-air.

In HOW? You can’t. Unless you are jumping forward, your jumps will have no horizontal momentum. Yup, get stuck in one of those holes and… good luck trying to get out!

You think you can skip those very easily? We’ll see about that…

Stay tuned,

M. Jensen


Me and a small update

27 Nov

So, some friends have asked me to introduce myself a little bit better.

Not much to say though. I’m Michael Jensen, from the beautiful country of Denmark. I’ve been doing some mods for UT3 in the past couple of years and I thought it was time to move to something more serious that I could call my own.

On other news here’s a small update on my little real difficulty game.

I’ve managed to get a couple of things running, a level select menu and some basic physics for the main character (who is so far a grey block).

Expect to see an early screenshot soon.

M. Jensen

Game’s today are EASY! Let’s fix that

25 Nov

Hey everyone! Michael Jensen here.

Have you ever played a videogame and thought it was boring because you could beat it with your eyes closed? Yeah, I know. That’s pretty much every modern game out there. And yet kids these days get overly excited because they just beat “Game that Holds your Hand 4” in Extreme mode (read “ enemies take one more bullet to kill”).

That’s why I’m starting this project named HOW.

I’m gonna teach you all the thrill of beating a game when you really deserve it.

Are you ready to feel the frustration or are you gonna hide away like a chicken?

I’ll keep you posted,

M. Jensen