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HOW is now available!

29 Apr

HOW is finally OUT! I know from your emails that some have been looking forward to prove me wrong. Now I’ll be the one laughing last! I made the game that will make you give up on it. Not because the game is impossible (I have beaten it several times without using the cheats I hid in it – try to find them, HA!) but because you are all so bad at it!

You’ve been spoiled by incredibly easy games and now you’re gonna pay the consequences!

To all of you, I give you HOW!

HOW is one insanely hard, go-cry-to-your-mummy difficult 2D platformer. But hey, it’s also gonna look good while it makes you feel the pain 😉 The characters and environments are deceptively cute, but don’t let that fool you. HOW is HARD!

But with enough training you can all learn to do it without dying even once. I DARE YOU TRY THAT!

Go get the game for free now on the Game page!

M. Jensen