Archive | May, 2012

An updated version of the game!

10 May

Good news everyone! I’ve decided to create an improved and streamlined version of How!

Basically I’ve just removed a couple of bugs (guess what, now you can actually beat the final boss!) and I’ve added a few things here and there (new level too!).

So go ahead and download the latest version from the website!

No need to thank me.

M. Jensen


The first complaints arrive! Deal with it

2 May

Just as I expected people are already complaining about how the game resets all progress if you die.

I say stop whining!

You see, there’s a reason I let you choose which level you want to do next. Having trouble beating one level and tired of having to restart the entire game because you died there? Well, beat that level first so you don’t have to deal with it later when you’re further towards completing every level!

Otherwise I like what I’ve been hearing in the Youtube videos. Sure, some people hate it, but I’ve also seen comments on how it’s challenging but fun. That proves my theory.

M. Jensen